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During the last few years I have been lucky enough to collaborate with the following colleagues and friends:

Mark Ainsworth (Brown, USA)

Alejandro Allendes (UTFSM, Chile)

Emmanuel Audusse (Paris, France)

Erik Burman (UCL, UK)

Ernesto Castillo (USACH, Chile)

Astrid Decoene (Universite de Bordeaux, France)

Emmanuil Georgoulis (Heriot-Watt, Scotland & NTUA, Athens, Greece)

Johnny Guzman (Brown, USA)

Fabrice Jaillet (Lyon 1, France)

Volker John (WIAS Berlin, Germany)

Petr Knobloch (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic)

Douglas R. Q. Pacheco (NTNU, Norway)

Diego Paredes (Concepcion, Chile)

Tristan Pryer (Bath, Chile)

Frédéric Valentin (LNCC, Brazil)

Andreas Veeser (Milan, Italy)

Andreas Wachtel (ITAM, Mexico)

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